VH PowerPak Control Modul Management System Suzuki GSX-R 750 W 92-95

Artikelnummer: FFI-92-5110-2

Vance & Hines POWERPAK - PROGRAMMABLE IGNITION SYSTEM. A direct descendant of our race teams on-board engine management systems. ..

Kategorie: GSX-R 750 W

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For example:

REV Range 1 = 11000rpm - REV Range 2 = 11500rpm - REV Range 3= 12000rpm - REV Range 4= 13000rpm
Performance Range 1 ( stock) hotter spark , enhances throttle response
Performance Range 2 (performance) exhaust & intake mods, increased ignition timing ,strong gains in the low to mid-range.
Performance Range 3 (road race) camshafts, high compression,extensive intake mods. excellent gains in mid to high-range.
Performance Range 4 (Drag race) max performance, high lift cams, high comp., race fuel, gains at high rpm range.(PLEASE NOTE this setting should be used on engines being run for brief periods only such as in drag race applications)
REV-LIMIT can be set according to the level of engine modifications .

"A direct descendant of our race team's on-board engine management systems, the PowerPak is designed for the street rider and racer alike, who wants the maximum performance possible for a fraction of the cost. The revolutionary POWERPAK is a device that allows the rider/tuner to select between sixteen different combinations of ignition timing and rev-limit, from stock to as high as 14,000 r.p.m. depending on the specific engine combination or riding application. The rider has the option to use an economical, near-stock setting for everyday use, or with the flick of a switch, select three higher performance ranges. The ignition timing is fully mapped from 2000 r.p.m. to 14800 r.p.m. Included in the circuitry is a fully digital 80c51 microcontroller chip running at 12 megahertz clock speed. This means unmatched accuracy to within 1 r.p.m. All this comes in a machined billet aluminum case that simply replaces the stock ignition black box. Truly the most innovative performance part available at any price, the PowerPak comes with a complete user manual and installs in minutes."

Hersteller: SUZUKI
Modell: GSX-R 750 W
Baujahr: 1995 1994 1993 1992

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