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Eagle Classic Megaphone Komplettanlage in V2A Edelstahl mit EG- ABE*e1 Honda CB500K - 1971-1973 CB550F Super Sport - 1975-1977 CB550K - 1974-1978

Artikelnummer: 112-1000-04

EAGLE® Classic 4in1+ SLO in V2A Edelstahl. Seit mehr als 25 Jahren ist der Name EAGLE® ein Synonym für Performance, Power und Speed. Die EAGLE® Classic ist die »Ur-Auspuffanlage« aus dem Hause Speed Products. Heutigen Standards entsprechend bieten wir die EAGLE® Classic in hochglänzendem, brilliantem Chrom-Stahl und in V2A-Edelstahl an. Die Krümmer sind auf das jeweilige Bike genauestens abgestimmt. Der DB Killer kann leicht entfernt werden. Die Megaphone, Dämpfer und die Kollektoren sind genauestens auf die Bikes abgestimmt. Der Hauptständer kann belassen werden.

Honda: CB500K - 1971-1973 CB550F Super Sport - 1975-1977 CB550K - 1974-1978

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Eagle 4into1 stainless steel megaphone exhaust system for Honda CB500 & CB550 models from the 70's. Exhaust System Features are: High Performance Pipe Center Stand Retention Removable Baffle Access to Oil Filter and Drain Plug Ground Clearance Light Weight High Luster Chrome Finish Look to Eagle Products for the Ultimate in Sound, Power and Performance. Unbelievably Perfect fit right out of the box, plus our beautiful Chrome Finish and our Incredible Attention to detail puts these pipes in a class by themselves. Speed products  is Dedicated to building Products that meet Strict Quality Standards. They follow exacting guidelines during manufacturing in order to insure that you receive a quality, reliable product every time.

NOTE: Installation of a Speed Products Exhaust System May Change your Motorcycles Fuel-to-Air Mixture requirements.

Please contact Speed Products  directly with questions regarding any modifications that may need to be made during, or after installing the Exhaust System.
NOTE: Exhaust discoloration (blueing) is caused by engine conditions such as cam timing, fuel-air mixture, operating temperature, etc. It is not the result of defective manufacturing; therefore is not covered by any warranty. 

Fits Honda: CB500K - 1971-1973 CB550F Super Sport - 1975-1977 CB550K - 1974-1978

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