Barracuda motorcycle exhaust

The Barracuda Slip-on system is a parallel line to the Bolt-on series and is based on a simple replacement of the stock muffler together with the link pipe. The rest of the stock system remains untouched. The system is developed and fine-tuned for each specific model of motorcycle, and is the last step before a serious tune-up involving the replacement of the entire exhaust system.

The Slip-on system is not designed for Xtreme high performance, but is intended for the customer to whom optical and visual enhancement is more important than setting the quickest lap times. This system produces a much richer and deeper sound than the quite restrictive stock exhaust. The Slip-on system will give your bike a completely new look. The muffler is available in aluminum, titanium or carbon-fiber outer sleeve and will accentuate the beauty of the lines of your bike, and the logo on the muffler will be a constant affirmation of your discerning taste. Of course performance has not been forgotten. Your motor?s potentials will be awakened; the designs for this system come from the same department which designs the racing versions of Barracuda exhaust systems. In addition, due to the use of high-tech materials, you will gain weight savings and improve the overall characteristics of your bike. Available in Ultrashort 300mm or Shorty 350 or 400/450mm

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