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Barracuda Raptor GT Series- E mark

Artikelnummer: 891-1322-348


Key Features:

  • Road Legal
  • lightweight materials , Stainless steel construction, high polished 
  • Racing Style 
  • Race Approved
  • removable DB-Eater
  • instant Sound improvement
  • Made in Germany
  • hand crafted



Categorie: CBR 250 R

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Lengte ommanteling
Materiaal ommanteling
Materiaal ommanteling
  • AL 7065
  • -ultralite titanium sleeve
    -materiaal: 7075 T6 
    -lengte: 450-200mm
    -dikte: 0.6mm
    -oppervlakte: titanium
  • Linkpipe Factory stainless steel factory look.
  • Linkpipe stainless steel matt brushed.
  • Titanium Finish: Titanium Finish nennen wir eine bestimmte Veredelung von leichtem Edelstahlrohr um einen Titan Design Effekt zu erzielen. Edelstahl verfärbt sich golden-braun unter Hitzeeinfluss.
  • Stainless steel linkpipe matt black. Ultra Performance Coating based on silicon in matt black.
  • Many high performance coatings claim to be capable of operating at high temperatures. Most coatings, however, fail as temperatures exceed 1.000°F. All of our high temperature Ultra Performance Coatings are stable up to 1.100°C. Our high temperature line consists of two high quality formulations, the Ultra Performance Satin Metallic series. Available in several metallized finishes, these coatings will not only give an attractive look but also works as a perfect thermal barrier that increases performance and horsepower by increasing heat scavenging during the exhaust cycle. Our coatings have shown lower radiant temperature between 400-600°F. Performance Proven Hight Temp. Coating Heat stable up to 1.100°C Excellent Corrosion Protection Extreme Hardness Maximum Chemical Resistance Thermal Barrier Protection

Decide to use between different choices of logos. Use Aluminum decal standard or Performance logo, 3D aluminum nameplate logo ( heat resistant, Standard Design) or Laser Logo ( not possible on Carbon or AL)

  • Barracuda 3-D Exhaust Nameplate . Hitzefestes 3-D Aluminium Logo/Nameplate mit Hitzedichtung und 2 Nieten. Wunderschönes Aluminium , geschliffenes, erhaben 3D Barracuda Nameplate.
  • Laserlogo Barracuda -exclusiv, edel, einzigartig! Wird an die gewünschte Spezifikation und Auspuffserie angepaßt! Nicht als eigenständiges Produkt beziehbar, sondern nur als upgrade zu einem Dämpfer oder einer Anlage!
    Anmerkungen: Ist nicht lieferbar für Carbon. Auf der polierten Aluminium Hülle nicht sehr stark ausgeprägt. Gut sichtbar auf allen anderen Materialien , wie Alu Matt.Titan, Black, Brushed, Factory Look.
    Anmerkung: Auf  Aluminium Hüllen ist das weisse Laserlogo nur dezent, nicht akzentuiert sichtbar.
    Je nach Material wird das Logo als Voll oder Outline Logo gelasert.
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Barracuda has been making high-end exhausts for more than 30 years. We started out designing Superbike exhausts, but have since expanded the line of exhausts to include scooters and cruisers. Barracudas expertise and years of experience in building the best exhausts in Germany is huge. All Barracudas exhausts are handcrafted, and Made in Germany. As a result, our exhausts not only perform at the highest level possible in sound and performance, they are also extremely affordable.

fabrikant: HONDA
Motorcycle-model: CBR 250 R
Notities & Uitzonderingen: *a1/*e1
uitlaatsystemen serie: Slip-on
bouwjaar: 2014 2013 2012 2011

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