Barracuda MGP-EVO Cone Series Slipon med EU godkännande *

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Slip-on kit med EU-godkännande* Komplett kit inklusive alla monteringsdelar och löstagbar DB-killer *31. Notes:

Kategori : GSX-R 1000 K9 - L0 - L1 - Z1


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For the riders and track day enthusiasts who are also dedicated race fans, Barracuda has created the GP Series. This pipe mirrors the form and function of exhausts seen throughout the MotoGP paddock. As mass centralization becomes the key philosophy in the design of race bikes, Barracuda meets the demands of a performance-based low-slung exhaust that offers both a serious performance boost and a sectionalized, hand welded GP look. This pipe features the first ever "dual curved baffle design". This gives it both a unique race sound as well as great performance characteristics. To finish it off it is media blasted to give it a "Titanium look" finish. The GP Series offers: ? CAD/CAM design for precise fit ? "Titanium look" media blast finish on a Stainless Steel muffler ? Muffler individually hand welded ? Significant weight savings over stock ? Slip-ons boost horsepower across RPM range (linear power) ? AISI 304 Stainless Steel internal construction ? Sectionalized GP look ? ? Produces a unique GP tuned sound ? Removable DB Killer sound insert for more aggressive tone ? Machine-specific tuning to work with stock fuel settings

tillverkare: SUZUKI
Motorcykelmodell: GSX-R 1000 K9 - L0 - L1 - Z1
Anmärkning & Hänvisning: *Koffer Motorräder mit Originalkoffer und Zubehörkoffer
Modellår: 2011 2010 2009
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Anmärkning: *47

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